put a flower on your tee! {a tutorial}

Red.rose.farm.set 004 
We've been wanting to share this tutorial with all of you ever since Elizabeth Scott's gorgeous Red Rose Farm fabrics made their way into our studio.  Have fun!

Step 1::  Choose your fabrics and tee.  (We would suggest using scraps of fabric for your flower petals.)  Fuse lightweight interfacing onto the wrong side of your scraps.

Flower tee tutorial - step 1 Flower tee tutorial - step 2
Step 2::  Draw a petal shape onto a piece of thin cardboard and cut it out carefully.  Using a soft pencil, trace around your template onto the interfaced side of your petal fabric.  You may have as many petals as you like!  (We made a very simple 7-petal version.)  Cut out your petals.

Flower tee tutorial - step 3 Flower tee tutorial - step 4
Step 3::  Arrange the petals on the front of your tee.  Pin in place.

Flower tee tutorial - step 5 Flower tee tutorial - step 6 
Step 4::  Using coordinating embroidery floss, an embroidery needle, and a blanket stitch - stitch around each petal.  (Enlarge the pictures to see the stitching method!)

Flower tee tutorial - blanket stitch 1 Flower tee tutorial - blanket stitch 2 
Flower tee tutorial - blanket stitch 3 Flower tee tutorial - blanket stitch 4 
Flower tee tutorial - step 10 
Step 5::  Make a yo-yo for your flower center.  Start by cutting out a circle using another coordinating fabric.  (Use the mouth of a large glass or a small bowl to trace out your circle.)  Turn the raw edge of your circle under about 1/4".  Using a long running stitch, stitch along the crease.  Pull stitches up tightly and knot off.  Stitch your yo-yo to the center of your flower.

Flower tee tutorial - yoyo 1 Flower tee tutorial - yoyo 2 
Flower tee tutorial - yoyo 3 Flower tee tutorial - yoyo 4 
Now, pop on a pretty button for your flower center, and make a matching skirt!

Red.rose.farm.set 006 Red.rose.farm.set 002 

XOXO, the Long ladies